Used PS3 at Gamestop

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#1 Posted by skatezero867 (34 posts) -
does anyone know how much used 60gb will be at gamestop?
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#2 Posted by KurupSoldr (4094 posts) -
call and find out, ihave not noticed too many used ps3's at gamestop to be honest so that will be your best bet,maybe 100$ less at the most maybe a little more with the price cut
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#3 Posted by nyc05 (10190 posts) -
I saw someone looking to buy a used 60b PS3 before the price drop from Gamestop, and it was $579! Only $20 cheaper then a new one...I was shocked, and even more shocking was the fact that the guy actually bought it!:o
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#4 Posted by Zichael (25 posts) -
Well I was at an EB games in the mall the other day (they were bought by gamestop a while ago i think). they had a repurbished 60GB ps3 for 400 or 450 dollars. they even had some 20gb ones.