Upgrading PS4 HD 3 months later

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I have a question about upgrading my HD on PS4, I got it at launch and have not downloaded any movies or music and just have disc based games on it besides a couple free PSN+ games...if I put a new HD in it what will I loose if anything? Will I loose all my progress in my games and free PSN games?

Thanks in advance!

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@purplethehaze: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5107/~/upgrade-ps4-hdd

You won't lose a thing.

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youll need to have your game progress data backed up to another storage device. im not sure how it works but i think theres a way to back your data up online since youre a ps+ member. either way you need a way to get your data from your old hdd to the new one because otherwise you lose it.

as for the free psn games, the network marks them as being owned by you so you can just re-download them for free.

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@commandokock: How would i back up my saved game data? - The "cloud" does not save any of that?!

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If you're a PS+ subscriber game saves yes, game data no. You will have to reinstall/redownload that stuff. Can't be that much to reinstall and better now than a year or two from now.

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No you will not lose anything. Just back up your data. FAT32 is still the same protocol that you need to set the new HDD to. Same as the PS3 uses.

Since you just have game saves/data it should be a easy painless process. Your PS+ account will allow you to re download your monthly games. So it is best to do it now than later. The 500GB HDD of the PS4 seems like at lot. But I have manged to fill up my PS3 320GB HDD sooner than I expected.

So the same is happening with my PS4 HDD. That fills up sooner than I expected. I've eaten up a lot of that HDD space a lot quicker than I expected to. Just game data getting larger. I'm glad Sony gave us the ability to upgrade the HDD.

Good luck with the Upgrade oif you PS4.