Upgrade from PS3 to PS4?

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I've had my PS3 for a long time now but it is in good condition. I have been considering upgrading to PS4 for a while now. Should I sell my PS3 and the approximately 10 games, 3 controllers, and controller charging station and buy a PS4? There are some games coming out exclusively for PS4 that I really want to play.

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I wouldn't, since there's no backwards compatibility on PS4 and there's plenty of games on PS3 I still want to play (and replay) for years to come.

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I wouldn't if I were you. Persona 5 is coming next year, and PS3 will continue to see support for years to come.

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What would you play? Are there enough games out that scream, 'play me now'? You say the games you want to play are not out yet, so why buy a console that wont see any play time?

I'd sell the spare controllers first, unless they see regular use. The games can go too, unless you're planning on keeping them. But that goes to the point, why sell a perfectly solid console?

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I'd only say yes if you've finished and played all the games you've wanted to. If there's nothing else you'd want to play on the PS3, there's no point in keeping it as a dust collector. Right now there's not many games on the next-generation and you might find yourself in a bit of a drought, so think about your decision.

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Keep it and use it as a 3d blu ray player with wifi and access to netflix,etc. And it plays good games...

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I would not sell my PS3.

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So far everybody seems to be on the same page, I'm happy with the PS4 but there's noway I give up the PS3 for it. Especially if you plan on getting PLUS because the benefits for the PS3 far out-weigh those of the PS4 at the moment.

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@dipdish said:

I would not sell my PS3.

This. I love my PS4 but I also still love my PS3.

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Do not sell your PS3... I still love mine :)

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not worth it right now trust me on this ur going to play ur ps4 for like a week then put it down from lack of games

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I would definitely get a PS4, but IMO do NOT trade in your PS3. I've traded in 3 systems in my lifetime and will never again trade in systems. There's always going to be those handful of games you're going to wish you could play but can't since you traded in everything. I spent way more money re-building my collection than if I would've just kept everything.

If you really feel like you need to trade in the PS3 my suggestion is to keep all your games and only trade in the console. If you miss it it'll be much easier for you to get another console than track down all the games you want to play and will save you money in the long run.

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@MarcRecon: couldn't agree more

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Yes it is time to upgrade to Playstation 4, but you should still hold on to your Playstation 3. Sony will support PS3 for 3 more years. Start saving up $400.00 for the PS4 console and $60.00 for your first game. Eventually more games will be coming out for PS4. The launch window games are out. Now games like the order 1966, and Destiny are coming. Sony has at lot of developers creating games for the PS4. So you may want something.

Infamous second son, Killzone shaodow fall are decent to start your Playstation 4 collection. Plus the usual multiplatform games are better on PS4