Uncharted 4 the final uncharted for ND

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From the game's title 'A Thief's End' and when they mention "one last time", it feels to me that this will be the final uncharted for Nate and naughty dog. If this is the final uncharted, would you rather have the series left where it is after the 4th game is released or do you think sony should give the series to a new developer with a protagonist as this is known to be nate's last adventure.

I certainly don't want uncharted to be milked to the point what god of war has become but I thought that ending the series with the 4th game is a bit too soon.

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I think Nolan North pretty much confirmed it's probably the last one too.

It will be bitter sweet for me. I've loved the series over the years, but I'd love for ND to make a new IP. Let's hope they go out with a bang with UC4!

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Any chance of a spin off? I can't imagine no more Uncharted.

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You didn't need to make a new thread about this topic. It's all here:Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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You didn't need to make a new thread about this topic. It's all here:Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

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@hrt_rulz01: yeah just saw the article on PS Trophies saying that it is ND's final uncharted.

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Well if the shooting mechanics are gonna be like Uncharted 3, then it should be the last Uncharted game.

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never say never, we've heard that many times "it's the last game for the franchise" if ND starts tanking with some failures/not likely, but if they do they'll back on a sure thing like Uncharted. Plus we all know that if the game sells 7 million copies they'll make another one.

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Uncharted 3 should have been the last, I rather see them make a new game than continue with this series.

Its Naughty Dog so I'm sure they will do it right, hope they make it an open world and have side quests where you receive jobs to locate certain artefacts & treasures.

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End it please, don't screw up a good franchise like that other console did.

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I've always been more of a Xbox fan myself but, after I tried Uncharted 2 for about 10 min, I went out, Picked up a PS3, got all 3 games, Played them non stop for about a month(even called out of work one day to play). Then picked up a Vita just to play the Uncharted game.

It will be sad if this is the last uncharted but, as long as they give a new IP with a good story like uncharted, I wont be disappointed...

I guess it's all about how Uncharted 4's story ends, maybe it leaves an opening....? After all, it's all about the story that made this game so addicting !

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the way nolan north is talking.... it sounds like drake may not survive this uncharted.... so im pretty convinced it will be the last. a shame, especially considering ND has said they dont really plan to make The Last of Us a franchise... can only hope their next is as amazing with all the people that they lost.

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amazing game

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uncharted 4 is a great franchise and will need to go out with a bang. i cant wait for this game

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maybe it's sully's last time... :D

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seems a bit silly to cut off a popular franchise like that..

I'm sure that we'll see another uncharted after A Thief's end..

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history shows us that ND is great at leaving a great game and moving on to better things, I mean look at the history.

PS1 - Crash Bandicot 1, 2, 3 and racing

PS2 - Jak & Dexter 1, 2, 3 and racing

this time this is the first time they've gone and done

PS3 - Uncharted 1, 2, 3 and The Last Of Us - PS4 Uncharted 4,

for me it's just written in stone that this should be the last, I mean thats how a development team don't get stale, they move on, to bigger and better things, you may say you can't see a world without Uncharted and yet we all said that with Jak & dexter, we all just move on, it's the best way, means we have great memories of that game series instead o it's another one.

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so, uncharted racing comes next... :P