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#1 TTV_Nikobane218
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Hey guys! I am a new Twitch streamer on PS4 with about 35 followers and would love your help to build my fan base! I stream quite a few different games right now, just trying to find which ones my viewers like. I don't have a set schedule yet however if you go follow me on twitter @TTV_Nikobane218 I'll be putting a schedule there in a few days. As of now, I am trying to reach affiliate on Twitch so I can reach more people. Come join The Pack at

If anybody has any graphic design experience or anything like that and would be willing to help me out with designing my Twitch channel that would be awesome!

Feel free to spread the word about my channel. I like interacting with my audience. I play Warface, Apex, Nioh, Outlast, Black Ops 4, etc.