tv/ps3 connection issues.

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forgive me, im new and dont know where to post this. ive been playing my ps3 on my lg 23 inch lcd tv for about a year now no problem. the other day i woke up and turned on my ps3 and it didnt work. my tv didnt recognize it, like it said nothing was connected. i reset the display and everything, and when i tried using the component cables i only got the audio. i bought a new hdmi cable to try and still nothing. i asked my friend to bring his working ps3 over and the same thing happened. from what i gathered its my tv thats having an issue. i dont have access to another tv to try it on. i didnt change any setting or anything on the tv, nothing changed, it just stoped working.

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More than likely you will need to ask someone who knows about tvs most ppl on here won't know what to tell you besides you will have to get it fixed or get a new tv. If you have to hook your ps3 to your monitor and game on it. That's what I do.

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i figured this might have happened to other people and they could share there experience/ advice. unfortunately my monitor doesnt have an hdmi input.