trophys not sync properly

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I just started playing a new game and I havn't played anything untill now since the trophies were moved to the new location.

After I played the game I sync my trophies and it doesnt show the new game at all, so I put it in offline mode and sync then the trophies show up for the new game.

But when I compare trophies or just go back to online mode the new game and trophies dont show up again.

anyone know whats up with the trophies doing that?

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No, mine work perfectly when i updated Rocksmith, after not playing it for a year, and i still get perfect trophy sync.

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ok so If I hit triangle and select sync i get error code 80022D68 and I found out that the code means that Sony doen't have the trophy list on their servers yet.
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I have no problem, my trophies are always updated when I check online. I have my PS3 set for auto update overnight.