transfering game saves to new memory stick advice

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I just bought a 2 GB memory stick to replace the 32 MB stick that came with the PSP.  The problem is, I have a decent amount of saved games on my old memory stick and would perfer not to just start over.  Any adivce about transfering save data?

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Just connect your PSP to a computer and transfer the saves from the folder PSP/SAVEDATA to your hard drive, then insert the new memorystick and transfer the saves back to the memorystick.
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choose save game utility under game in the menu then press triangle on the game save. then choose copy and it will tell you to put in the memory stick you want to copy it to then change it back several times. It takes ages though becuase you need to do it about 5 times for each game save. If you want to do it quicker just use a computer.