Top 10 RPG on PSP?

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What you guys think are the top 10 best RPGs on the PSP? So I don't miss any good ones. xD EDIT: The ones I am looking for are like Diablo, Crisis Core, Valhalla Knights, and Tales of the World. Not games that go into a different screen for combat, and/or you tell the character what to do and they do it.
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I don't own 10, so i'll list a top 5.

1. Crisis Core (not a regular rpg, but w/e)

2. Jeanne D'arc

3. Final Fantasy Tactics

4. Disgaea

5. FF I/II

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1. monsterhunterfreedom2
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Future releases:
Disgaea" Prinny game
Parasite eve 3d anniversary
Star ocean 1 & 2

PSP games:
ff7: crisis core
jeanne d'arc
tales of the worlf radiant mythology
Monster hunter 2

Remakes and ports:
valkyrie profile - lenneth
Symphony of the night
ys:ark of napthism
Disgaea: Afternoon of darkness
Tales of eternia