Tomb Raider Multiplayer Issues

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I've been playing the multiplayer for the last couple of days, I'm now around level 30. The multiplayer is decent and it's easy to level up, but my problem is with the end of matches. At least 1 of 5 matches at the end the game gets stuck on the loading screen and I am forced to quit the game. This is frustrating mostly because I'm probably not collecting the xp from match before. Is anyone else having this problem, or any other problem with the multiplayer?

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I feel the multiplayer was tacked on at the last minute. For me it is a forgettable experience.

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lets put it this way, i hate the multiplayer in Tomb Raider so much that during each competitive match i have, something is lagging a lot, whether it be the characters during a gun fight or the environment in general, and what's worse, the game trolls you so much that the creators actually expect you to get to prestige 3 in order for you to platinum this game

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The multiplayer is very disspointing.

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Also you have to play it just to get a Platinum. I mean at least all Dead Space 2 trophies were single player trophies.

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The mp reminded me of the R3 beta.

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Its, not your machine, I am having that same problem plus a host of others. I wonder if it is the download. I think I will have to buy the Disc Are you using "download" tomb raider or disc ?
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Why is your experience disappointing ? If you just feel the environment is not cool then so be it. But if it is because of all the glitches and issues, then I am with you. I downloaded the game on PS3 and X-Box 360. A lot of the same issues
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God I HATED that multiplayer.