To those of you who have Persona 4 Arena.....

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How fluid is the fighting gameplay?

Is the story pretty deep like Persona 4?

How many game modes are there?

How long is the story mode approximately?

Online combat lag free?

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I just bought my roommate this game....HE LOVES IT

The fighting is fast paced and the story is pretty long and RPG fans would love this game (along with fighing fans)

So far the online is lag free...he hasnt found any hiccups

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That's good. I liked the story of Persona 4.

Im just a little skeptical to buy for $60 because most fighters lose their shine after a week or 2 with me, but this game is said to have a pretty good storyline which is rare for a fighter.

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It's very fast and smooth if you've played Blazblue or guilty gear it's similar. Story mode is a sequel to persona 4 and made by the Persona team so they would have put a lot of effort into it. Story is 30-40 hours I've heard from review sites. Arcade mode, story, versus, challenge mode, online, training mode. Same netcode that arc system uses for Blazblue which is the best this gen.
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Ya after watching the youtube vid of the story of Yu, I can honestly say that I would hate the game. Love Persona 4, but the story seems dumb. Literally like 1 hour of cutscenes before each fight. They aren't like Mortal Kombat cutscenes either. It's sprite based and just pictures of characters talking with subtitles. Not getting it, but thanks for the replies.