Thoughts on EA UFC Demo????

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Managed to have a few games yesterday, loving the graphics but honestly don't see that much of a huge improvement over the THQ visuals but still nice, I honestly think it would of benefited from 60fps to be fair a little slow for my liking, but still ok,

I'm a little concerned on the punching as I wasn't a massive fan of how the punching felt on Fight Night as in I don't think the punches feel very weighty, compared to THQ I feel they nailed how the punching and kicking felt, and that blocking is really hard when your mid way through, just give me a button to block with and that will do not make sure you time it right and all that lol but that's just me being lazy I guess,

I still had the same problem with THQ on this one, the ground work just feels very unresponsive, just don't understand am I meant to hold it in the position once i've made a half circle or am i meant to let go and just wait to see if the animation goes that way, not sure the tutorial really showed me how to do it properly in a fight, and also the take downs seem like a hard combination to pull off, more practice may be the answer.

kind of liked the EA MMA approach more than this game.

But overall I quite liked it, have to get used to it, with the full game as I don't think the demo truly shows what the full game will be like, EA Fifa shows us that every time the game could end up feeling totally different.

What's everyone's thoughts on it???

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I guess no one's played it then

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@bezza2011: graphics are very good and agree with most of what you stated. I suck at it so far and I do think it's hard to break out of the submission hold's with the confusing display that comes up.

I disagree with fight night we which I really love that series with the story for the created player etc.

I probably will not get the game since its hard to enjoy grasping on to a sport I don't know the rules, atheletes, the strategy nor watch on tv.

All the fuss with watch dog I may keep it . I have the used watch dog from another gamestop I didn't have my pre-order. So i will return it before 1 week return policy. I want finish the game in a week. But now I am getting second son ship to me by gamefly. So I may return watch dog not pick up preorder copy yet and play second son before my free 30 day trial expires. Then I could get back watch dog or think about it and dont miss it and wait for a game I really want.

Watch dog has grown on me but not in love with it.

To recap I got 30 day trial of gamefly to play watch dog for a month for free but since its on very low availability I decided to get the used one in the store for a week. I am doing everything possible to not pay the full amount for this game I do have some animosity towards the final product and the overall way things were handled with ubisoft.

I have a beef with all these delays in general and of the game isn't great I will try to save money. I am the type in general to not keep a game forever and make some money from it. I know some of you guys will have a library of games that you never will play or finish a game. I am out of debt and have savings. So I am not broke but I don't like wasting money. I just believe In playing a game and if no need to replay over and over again when other great games a r e coming out. Only game exempt from returning is phantom pain with multiplayer and it Better be a great game. But based on ground zero I have every reason to believe with great mechanics it will be.

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From all that I've seen of it, I'm not that impressed. The punches seem pretty light as you mentioned before. Also, the guys can take a HUGE amount of punches before really taking any damage. Hits don't interrupt opponents punches and I've heard several people who were playing it talk about how easy it is to just button mash and still get a victory. The collision detection looked pretty spotty at times and there was a pretty fair amount of clipping. Visually, it looked pretty good on the better quality streams, but I'll probably pass on it.

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Yeah to me the graphics seem next gen and awesome, but the gameplay does not feel next gen. So I see how a lot of people are disappointed with the game.

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@BattleSpectre: Agreed Animations seem to need a good loosening up if you ask me

@joseph_mach: Yes they feel light and the animations seem very stricted and don't flow aswel as i'd of thought they would of, there doesn't seem to be just a jab button, boxing is my passion, and I like to step back while jabbing to keep the distance but this game thats a promt for an uppercut also i found even standing still it wouldn't just jab, I've also not found a run button but that might be just me, and yea there isn't much feedback once you've hit just seems like your hitting nothing, also a few power kicks to the head and it just doesn't hurt them seem's very scripted compared to the controls of THQ UFC, I was hoping more for a mash up of EA MMA and UFC THQ, but what seems to of happened is we've got a fight night in a cage, I love fight night but UFC is so much more free flowing.

@ewalthour: No I agree with you I enjoyed Fight Night Champions, but it's the punching I always felt like it didn't have much weight to the punches and this game is the same, it also seem's like I keep hitting them, they seem injured and then a few moments later they have seemed to of recovered from the injury, I'm glad watchdogs has grown on you, I'm still to even put it back on, had my system sat here for 3days now and i just can't even think about putting the disc in the tray lol, I think I'll still get UFC got it on pre order with bruce lee so gonna have to check out the main game.

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@bezza2011: lol . So if you dint like watch dog just sell it. I think it's hard for you to get rid of games. So it seems a demo can deter some( maybe not you in this instance) buy maybe others.

So where are you in watch dogs? I am at the mission where I see for the first time the black gang leader by hacking his gang hideout but I need his phat friend to get access to his actual room he stays in. I think it's mission 17 or 18 of act 2

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@ewalthour: I've not even touched Watchdogs I keep meaning to get off this pc and turn on the PS4 and i've done it once and instead i played UFC for the afternoon, lol so i'm still at the start, honestly cannot bring myself to play it, lol i'm going to be stricter on myself on buying third party games now, i'm throwing money away, and no i cannot sell it's against my religion hahahahaha.

Just thought what if UFC has a story mode, I mean I've seen or not heard anything about what modes are actually in the game, all i've seen is trailers and this demo of the fighting.

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Thread turned into watch dog rant? :)

Haven't tried the EA UFC demo, but i'm pretty sure it'll be a day one purchase anyway. I love MMA and the game just have to be decent for me to enjoy it.