This reviews Sites Hate sony but Love Xbox + Proof

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hi And sry if im posting this post on wrong place & sry for my english

unfortunally there is some review sites hate sony & they giving microsoft games good Meta even if its State of decay with low meta game

for exmaple Reviewr Gamecritics

gave to xbox game > State of decay 80

gave God of war > 75

gave to horizen zero dawn > 65

gave to persona 5 > 65

gave to bloodborne > 70

gave to days gone > 45

just check this sites & their meta on this pics that i uploaded & u can judge

please share this pics on everywhere ( youtube other sites metacritic &.... ) ppl must know this & metacritic must do something about this

Xbox Games Meta From Fanboys

Sony Games Meta From Haters

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@alipower: Who cares?

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Of the countless critics, you only found 1 who had 1 Xbox gamer higher than all the main Sony games people praise? Yet show now differentials, like how under/over they are compared the average.

The fact that they gave Persona 5 and HZD a 65 out of what I assume is 100, they will not be allowed our time of day.

Also may come as a shocker, but State of Decay 2 is a 80 depending on the person you ask.

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This isn't System Wars, and - frankly - nobody cares. Different review sites offer different views on games and platforms. That's a GOOD thing - it means people who prefer those games or platforms can get perspectives from people who think like them. Nobody needs a Sony-only echo chamber across the whole web. Some people like XBox games and that's fine.