This console is starting to piss me off

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I got a PS4 Pro and Spider-Man, I haven’t been able to play however because it takes hours to install from Disc.... So I turn my TV off as it’s OLED and it turns the PS4 off, or I leave it on and the PS4 turns itself off....

It’s been 4 days now and I haven’t been able to play because it keeps resetting the install process.

The console is a pos, I have none of these problems on PC. Firstly it’s fast so anything installs instantly, secondly Steam installs, lets you quit out and then carries on installing from the same place.

If this game doesn’t install this time, I’m taking the console back, I’m not going to sit by my console for 2 hours while waiting for it to install.

How did we go from gaming back in the day to this crap?

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What brand is your TV? If Sony, probably HDMI setup had something to do with it?

If you have the PS4 Pro for less than 30 days, you may want to contact Sony Support about the issues. Or check the warranty to make sure that the issues can be resolved right away.

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That sucks! I've never had this problem with the ps4 standard! Maybe it effects them differently? Also my copy of Spiderman is digital too.

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@nepu7supastar7: TC is a troll, just look at the posting history, its ALL negative about games. Pay no attention to them.

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That's what I get for wanting to help someone, huh. 😧

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@nepu7supastar7 said:


That's what I get for wanting to help someone, huh. 😧

Its best to look at someone's history if they aren't a board regular, and there's no mods that frequent these boards so get the point.

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@GTR12: Same thoughts too.

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It's probably because the enable HDMI device link setting is turned on. It can tell the TV isn't on and it will shut off. You can turn it off. Also you can set it to download while in rest mode as well.

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@Sevenizz: save it for SW

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Red dead 2 was a throw back to the specrum zx days.

Can't believe how long that took.

Gaming is regressing. For sure.

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I call bullsh*t. Downloads can continue in rest mode and you can turn your TV off. No problem lol

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Haven’t had this issue. The one thing I have always disliked about the PS4 is the amount of updates every time I turn the console on a couple of times a week. Also, my controllers battery lives seem to not be that great.

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You can turn this feature off in the ps4 settings lol

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Just download in rest mode, close the tv

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I never had a problem with downloads this generation. Nothing to drastic the Xbox download speeds up to par for me. The PS4 hasn't been noticeably longer either.

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You're welcome, OP.

Just disable it.

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Even if he was a troll, this is a reason I don't own any consoles newer than the PS3. PS3 and 360 still have downloads and updates, but file sizes and speeds aren't anything close to how large and slow they are these days.

I had a XBONE for a week. Traded my SNES/NES collection for it, sadly, but a week after I got it, I sold it. I don't know how slow the PS4 downloads go, but I imagine it's similar to my PS3, which is still slower than my PC.

The funny thing is, I'm a PC tech for a living, but I don't actually know what causes these slow downloads on newer consoles. 5400RPM hard drives? At least my 6th gen consoles and before are instantaneous. Just pop in a disc and play.

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Get a better internet connection or connect through ethernet. I only had to wait 30 minutes or so to play Spider-Man on a PS4 500GB unit.

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I just bought a PS4 Pro and put around a dozen games on it in a few hours. Spider-Man and GTA V were two of them.

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I have never had that much of a problem with downloads. It might just be you OP

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Sound like their internet is slow

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Once the game is installed you can play even if the update isn't installed or downloaded ...

You can also leave you PS4 in rest mode and download it ...

Seriously the PS4 is really well made and convenient but some people just can't take a breath and look up thing, no they burst into rage the second it doesn't work the way they want but they didn't took the time to read how it works yeah ...