Tekken 6 best combo and best character?

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Best character is Paul, though I've got Mokujin, Baek, and Wang up to Tekken Lord/Deity/whatever level as well. My favorite "combo" is Baek's 10-hit with just kicks, but if you want something that actually combos, I quite enjoy Wang's down-away 4,2, juggling them with down-away 2,4,2, or King's linked throws if I want to be a **** about it.
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Best Character : Eddy Gordo AndMarshall law

Bst combo:I prefer Sergei Dragonuv

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Long ago Nina was my best, but for T6 Lily is my new fave. her jugging combos are bomb, i beat Jin on hard, with only being hit three times. (which i'm sre someone can beat, but that's good for me) Once you have the opponent in the air they're screwed, I love it!