Subscribing to PSNOW from another country

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, I don't usually talk in forums but I couldn't find the answer to my question anywhere so here it goes:

So last year I was living in England and it was there where I created my Playstation account which charges me in British Pounds and not in Euros.

Now I am back to Portugal (my home country) and I still use the same Playstation account because of save files/trophies/multiplayer progression etc.

I was wondering if I can do any of these and what would be the best option:

1) Change PSN account country definitely (not sure if possible)

2) Subscribe to PS Now from the UK (I am afraid this is gonna make me lag)

3) Perhaps create a Portuguese PS Account, put it on primary on my PS4 and use it to subscribe to PS Now. However I would only play games through my UK account.

I'm sorry if my english is not very understandable, I hope I made my point clear...

Thanks in advance

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Keep your UK account. Use a VPN to change location (will cost money). It should be fine depending on your internet speed (mainly ping) Just make sure you use a UK address for billing aswell.

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1. Not possible, but its 2019, Sony really need to allow us to change this, name change is stupid, LET US CHANGE THE COUNTRY. People move!!!

2. Depends on your internet, not the country where PSNow is.

3. Same as above, but if its cheaper in euros, make a Portuguese account and do what you said.

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hey i'm new