Still nothing about adding media capability to PS4?

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It's pretty much useless to me if I can't use it to play my digital library.

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Useless? You have no intention to play ps4 games on a ps4? Get a WD Live media player (refurb) on ebay. They are excellent for supporting media and cost $49.99. I was so impressed that i bought another one. DLNA works great too.

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It seems to me like they are just dragging their feet like they always do. Kind of like how people have been asking for a way to change their Online ID for years and Sony won't deliver and gives a weak reason as to why; I also have not see any information on when they are going to include Arabic, but this is just a personal want for me.

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^^Good point. I had made it a point to wait to get a PS4 till they addressed some missing features, but wifey surprised me with one. Happy to have it, and I've been having a blast, but still miffed by missing features.

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That's why for now, my PS3 holds greater value for me over the PS4, I love being able to stream media from my PC of flash drive. I guess since we fall in the minority of it's customers, they wanted to focus on the hardcore gamers first....and that's cool I just hope they don't forget us! lol

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@shellcase86 said:

^^Good point. I had made it a point to wait to get a PS4 till they addressed some missing features, but wifey surprised me with one. Happy to have it, and I've been having a blast, but still miffed by missing features.

Yeah, that's me too I love the PS4 but I'm a little pissed that sony didn't include those features at launch. I'm also guessing that since they knew there where going to be bugs, they didn't want the machine to focus on doing to many things.

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I know why they took it out.... $$$$

They want their customers to use playstation store for movies rather than stream movies from DLNA. The PS3 has limited supported files from usb and I am guessing the PS4 as well.... Funny how the $79.99 Sony BDP-S5100 supports DLNA and

VIDEO: MPEG-1 Video, MPEG-2 Video (.mpg, .mpeg, .m2ts, .mts) Xvid (.avi, .mkv) MPEG4/AVC (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .3gp, .3g2, .3gpp, .3pg2) VC1 (m2ts, .mts) WMV9 (.wmv, .asf) MOTION JPEG (.mov, .avi) MUSIC: MP3 (.mp3) AAC/HE-AAC (.m4a, .aac) WMA9 Standard (.wma) LPCM (.wav) FLAC (.flac, .fla) Dolby Digital (.ac3)

Disappointing that the PS4 hasn't improved their supported files but I am not surprised. Not having DLNA is a joke though.... The Sony BDP-S5200 just came out and it looks really impressive. It even has miracast. Not sure if the PS4 does. I would like more media features but I am one of those people that don't want to put extra wear and tear on an expensive PS3 or PS4 so I will use a roku 3, blu-ray player or wd live tv media player over the ps3 or ps4. I really use my ps3 for gaming.

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Come on now instead of everybody complaining bout what features we don't have we should be thanking Sony for giving us a great gaming system.Yeah there are features missing but i would rather have my ps4 then the xboxone which just to play a blu-ray dvd you have to download a tile for it to even play or they gave us the option to upgrade our harddrives without voiding the warranty again like the ps3 has where with the xboxone you have to wait for them to come out with there licensed xb1 hdd.The ps3 didn't launch with all it's features on day 1 give them time to get this stuff out they have bigger things going on then a feature that will be included in a patch later on down the road plus we still have the 2.0 update that may have these features included in there not to mention there are a couple shows before e3 goes on so yeah me myself im gonna sit back enjoy my ps3/ps4 and let Sony take care of business like they have in the past and see what they have in store for us Playstation gamers

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we had to wait 1.5 year to have most video formats working on PS3 and DLNA server, we're only at 3 months

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I'm going to agree on the missing features, I don't feel that over the past 3months it's been out we've seen any major patches to the UI or anything, whilw XboxOne are getting some huge changes,

Sony really do seem to be taking there time to making the consoles UI and features better, but patience is key to everything and I think we are just impatient, and i don't think things are as easy as just putting it in to the system, but i don't understand the whole media aspect, i want to be able to upload films through it and watch, even my tv does it.