Standby and using a UPS

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Was thinking about investing in a UPS battery backup for my PS4 so when it's left in standby I have some time to shut it down properly if I lose power suddenly. I don't have problems with frequent power outages but during storms or downed line from an accident or something it does happen. I been researching UPS's but wanted to see if I could get any opinions from anyone else that may use one. I will also be using this for my Xbox One this friday.

Anyone have any input or suggestions on how big of a UPS I should get? Not sure I need one to power my whole home theater since the PS4 is easy to shut down blindly. Hold home button then 3 clicks down though I am not sure how easy it will be for the Xbox. I was thinking of a 900w one so at the minimal draw in stanby mode it would last a couple hours or so incase I am not home to shut it down. I just don't know if thats overkill cause all I see is ratings at full load and half so I am not sure how long it would actually last at only a 10w draw(or whatever the PS4 is).

Or am I over thinking this whole thing? I just been reading some debates on shut down vs standby and just thought that if this is the way consoles are headed the a battery backup would be a good investment so nothing gets corrupted or messed up.