Spoiled TLOU story for myself.Still worth buying ?

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Now that it came out on PS4 I'm tempted to buy TLOU but I know quite a lot of the story,including the ending so I'm wondering if it still has any surprises in store for me in terms of story or not.Unfortunately I watched a lot of the game on youtube when it came out.I wouldn't have done that if I would have know that it will eventually be on PS4.Here's what I know so far:

I know the ending,I know about Ellie being immune,I know about Tess dying,I've seen the chapter with the black kid and his father and I've also seen chapter when they find Joel's brother.

Based on what I know so far,is it worth it to buy the game ? Keep in mind that I'm the kind of person who doesn't enjoy rewatching a movie a second time if I already know everything that's gonna happen.If it doesn't have any surprises left for me,I'm thinking of waiting until it will eventually be available in the instant game collection a few years from now.On the other hand,this is considered a masterpiece and one of the best games of last gen.So I feel like I owe it to myself to play it.

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Shouldn't have done that.

I never do that. It takes years to craft a game and the last thing I want to do is spoil all those years in a few low quality youtube sessions.

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I know I shouldn't have. But I thought I will never be able to play it since I didn't plan on ever getting a PS3.

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I will venture to say that the value the game is going to give you is significantly less because a large portion of the games beauty was the unfolding of its excellent character development and story movement. That being said, the game is still fantastic. The setting, the flow, etc. will engage you nonetheless. I would still buy it.

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Ah..you effed everything up.Actually if a game that I'm particularly interested is going to launch I avoid every related forum thread and news articles to avoid spoilers.In case of the Last of Us I avoided even reviews.Not to mention Tom Mac Shea's review was full of spoilers when I later read it.

Still ,if you don't know about the winter ,then go for it.

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@bizzy-sgs: No worries, you're not alone xD I spoiled it for my self too but I'm still getting it- I mean it won over 200 GoTY awards, how could I not?? Its suppose to arrive today, and I'm still waiting :)

I say go for it.

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well worth it, the tense atmosphere, you can't spoil it because there are sections leading up to these events which help, when you play the whole game your'll understand