Sony's masterpiece "last of us"

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My questions is for sony or naughty dog, Why ? why didnt you people focus on the early period of the zombie apocalypse in the last of us two or why arent you ? Last of us was a masterpiece and then you people decided to make "left behind" why not make a game on the survival of young joule ? Someone must agree with me. I think that they should make it , does some one else has the same view ?

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You should try asking them directly

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If you want to play a Zombie game in Apocolypse or pre-apocolyps stage then just play one of the many many many action zombie games....

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I don't know... the game's focus isn't really on the outbreak itself, but the survivors of it. And I don't know about a prequel that just focuses on Joel. He might have a few interesting back stories since his time between the outbreak and when he meets Ellie is a bit elusive, but a game that just focuses on that timeframe wouldn't be nearly as good, in my opinion. If they make another game, I'd rather it be with new characters altogether. I think they already told an amazing story with Ellie and Joel, one that should probably just be left alone.

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you should tweet Neil Druckmann

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@SoNin360: I dont even think a sequel is a good idea. It wouldnt be anywhere near as dramatic and impactful as the original. I think it would be a huge letdown, another Halo 3 IMO.

Anyway, OP, do you realize that youre asking this to fellow gamers? Not Druckman, or anybody on the ND Development team...

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Love the last of us, don't want any sequels or prequels. The game ended with such an awesome tone. I don't want anything to ruin that.