Sony Original TV Programming on PS4?

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Sony announced that it would bring original television programming to the PlayStation 4 last year, but it's kept quiet on what those shows would be. Now Deadline and The Wall Street Journal are reporting that the first one-hour drama for the PlayStation will bePowers, an adaptation of the graphic novel by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming.

Sony's first original TV series for PlayStation will be 'Powers'

Is this true? I don't remember them announcing that there were going to bring an original TV program to PS4. Why would they want to do this? Just cause Netflix, Amazon Prime and Xbox are doesn't mean PlayStation has to jump on the bandwagon, right? At last year's E3 the audience got all excited when they announced a new Halo but then got considerably less excited when it was a Halo TV show. I don't see how this move aligns PlayStation as focusing on GAMES.

So they lay off people from various game developers and shut down some studios and NOW they're gonna try to have original TV programming on PS4? I bought a PS4 for GAMES not for TV. This is disappointing. Sony, stop waisting PlayStation resources on crap no-one cares about! In fact, why VR? Just focus on making great games!! That's all us GAMER'S want!!!!!