so what do you think of destiny?

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When I first started the alpha, I thought it was a little over rated. but the more and more I played it the more I enjoyed. and now I love it I will buy it for sure day 1. What do you guys think about it?

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plays like borderlands and looks like crap

these graphics are unacceptable in the year 2014

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pretty boring so far. very grindy. the non existent anti aliasing hurts my eyes

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have been having a lot of fun with it. i think it will be a coop dream land honestly.

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It just looks boring and repetitive to me. I think it wouldn't be much fun to play alone since it's co-op focused, and I don't really care for co-op. I'm sure it will be a very successful game, at least in terms of sales. But I don't really have any desire to play it.

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I gave it a try--it's not my type of game. Way too boring for me.

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I took notes as I played my Alpha. Here's how I viewed it. Keep in mind I didn't do much co-op campaign stuff because I'm pretty antisocial.


- Trying Destiny (Alpha) for PS4. I want to say it's almost Borderlands meets Halo?

- Destiny kind of tries to be like Halo, but also tries to be like Borderlands. It's OK, but never really captures exactly what those two games were. It isn't necessarily a bad game, and I'm sure that I could have fun with it. It definitely feels like Halo control wise.

- Just found Destiny multiplayer conquest/death matches. Now this redeems my faith in the game. What makes it awesome is that at any time anyone can summon speeder bikes. Imagine a Halo death match where people are zipping around on bikes they can materialize out of thin air at any time. At first I was so-so on the game, but now I am inching toward it. Still, their single-player/Borderlandsish multiplayer campaign leaves me wanting a little more.

- I still like Halo better I think, but I had fun in multiplayer. Single player kind of makes me want to play Borderlands. It's not amazingly special, but can prove to be a decent enough time waster. I think it could probably get better. It seems like baby Halo with bikes. That said, if someone is looking for a Halo multiplayer experience on PS4, this will be the closest one will get. It may get interesting with people for multiplayer campaign, although that's not a huge thing with me. The campaignish thing is like, "Get to this point, kill this super strong dude with a shield surrounded by smaller dudes protecting him. You win. Repeat." Maybe it will flesh out. The conquest death matches could probably get a lot better with better maps. I honestly can't tell a huge difference in the graphics from a 360 Halo game. Not a huge concern to me at all. This is all Alpha still. I might eventually get it just to get a Halo ish experience because I don't want to have to buy a One just for Halo. All in all, I see it has potential. Might be more hype but it gets some sort of job done.

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I was playing the alpha stuff on my PS4, and I loved it. There was not much to do because it was alpha, but the Strike was really fun and the coop is awesome. And the graphics were pretty good in my opinion.... They have a different style than like Ubisoft. The maps have really cool decrepit buildings.

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I'm just getting into the Alpha, but so far I've been enjoying myself. I love the setting / world so far. The graphics are good, co-op has been fun. Still haven't got into the competitive side of things.

I'm not really impressed with Peter Dinklage as your robot thing...not really doing it for me.

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I am going to get it

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Plays like MMO halo. There's really not much different from what I remember of Halo 3, then add creatures/robots that have silly amounts of health points so they take some effort to kill. Get ready to shoot crate fulls of bullets into bosses! Some of the weapons are very similar to Halo. It's not really a bad thing though, Halo has always had great shooting mechanics and some cool weapons. The AI is really quite clever, they flank well and seem to be somewhat unpredictable.

I think if there's one bad thing about the game it's the freakin' auto-aim. Seriously can we just stop with the auto-aim or at least turn it down a few notches?

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it's great

Can get boring by yourself, mainly because you never find anything, but that might be an Alpha thing

But co-op is a lot of fun

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Any game where co op is the main focus and the single player is tacked on is a game I dint want. I never had interest in halo and from what I have read and seen this game doesn't impress me. I am glad you guys have given Impressions. I am surprised Sony is so high on this game.

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Damn it. I didn't even know what Alpha was until just now. I would have totally been in on that.

From the gameplay videos though the multiplayer looks amazing. I'm really excited for this game. I like Bungie a lot.

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i think its just another classic case of a game being overhyped. it happened with watchdogs and now this. the graphics don't look like anything that couldn't be done on current gen and the gameplay doesn't look like anything special. i just can't really get that excited for shooters anymore after a whole gen of them. and i still don't know if you can play third person or not lol, if anything I'll get it just because there isn't much else that interests me atm, next gen is going pretty slow.

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I love it. I think I had the most fun when me and my friends are in a fire team doing the dungeon and crucible. Earlier posts said bad graphics, but I like the graphics. If there is any lack of graphics then it is probably to keep the draw distance and the memory of all the open world environments the full game will have.

But haters will be haters. Some can't help it either.

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It's a visually appealing game on PS4, to me at least. Yet overall it gives me a Resistance: Fall of Man vibe when it comes to the action & gun play. I'm positive I would enjoy it further if I wasn't just mindlessly playing independent though. All-in-all, the FPS genre is getting kind of stale as of late in my honest opinion.

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I love it, it definitely convinced me for a day 1 purchase. I really dont like FPS games that much and definitely had a blast with the alpha. Only complaint is the auto aim, its too good

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I'm passing on it. Doesn't fit the type of games I like to play. If it ever comes to PS+ I might play it just to see but I have no interest in it.

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I had fun with it, but I can see the multiplayer being a bit uneven. There will undoubtedly be someone in a game that's a much higher level that has found better gear and weapons and will have a significant advantage. Couple that with the fact that you can't pick up any dropped weapons, and I could see people complaining about that.

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@cell_dweller: I'm pretty sure multiplayer has different damage settings for weapons. My 36 damage seemed to do the exact same damage as my 65 damage shotgun in the crucible.

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I went in expecting it to be exactly like borderlands, and that's the impression I got from it. I think it's pretty fun

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I was in the alpha...I played it twice and never turned it back on. I don't care for it.

It's Halo looks meets Borderlands, just like the videos and how I imagined. It also is MMOish. Eh.

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I'm not getting it because its not my type of game.

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i pre-ordered it and so far it seems to fit my expectations, the shared gameplay seems to be my alley, i loved borderlands and am into playing decent fps titles...