So, Playstation Plus just introduced me to the Yakuza series and...

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Holy crap, I'm going to buy the rest of the games for the PS4. Absolutely hooked, especially the story which is superb. I'm usually not into most Japanese centric games, especially rpg's which story's I can't get into (I detest anime) but this I fell in love with.

Question. I'm currently playing the remake of the first game, which game do I need to play next?

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So if your playing Kiwami first, the next step should either be to play Yakuza 0 or Yakuza Kiwami 2. Personally, I'd do Yakuza 0 first, as it's linked to some of the characters in 1 and 2 and gives a little more backstory and development. Plus, half the game you play as Majima in a tuxedo, and how can anybody say no to that?

Glad your enjoying the game! Yakuza has this magic ability to somehow be dark and suspenseful, yet over the top and hilarious without either side losing any luster.

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Looking forward to jumping back in! The base game didn’t have much replay-ability with no more enemies once you completed it!Check this