Skyrim VS Assassins Creed 3's Bugs...

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Which game is the biggest bugfest??:|

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I haven't even play AC3 but surely it's Skyrim?!?... The DLC won't even work on PS3 yet/Thread
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Idk it's a close call
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Seriously Skyrim is 100 times worse then ACIII... People are blowing ACIII's bugs way out of proportion nothing is really gamebreaking sure civilians pop in and out of the game sure framerate kinda sucks in Boston the list goes on but nothing is as bad as Skyrim which has constant freezes,game crashing every time you step in water & No damn DLC for how long now.

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skyrim by a mile

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I've never actually had many problems with my copy of Skyrim, of that I am thankful for and by the sounds of it, very lucky! However, the fact they've been unable to shift and DLC on PS3 says a lot.

The Assassin's Creed III bugs aren't game-breaking (as far as I know), nor do they prevent my experience, as the content works correctly. However, it does feel somewhat rushed, despite the long development cycle, and the immersive experience is somewhat ruined. Again, these aren't game-breaking, but they're certainly a minor annoyance.

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ACIII hasn't locked up my PS3, and it's getting all the DLC. Skyrim has dozens of times, and every new patch breaks more things than it fixes. If I didn't have 130 hours invested, I'd start over on my 360 instead.