Seriously Stuck in the Statesmen Hotel

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I am stuck in the Statesmen Hotel... I found the robot with the fission battery BEFORE I knew what to do with it and I tossed it before getting to the roof. I spent hours searching for it... no luck... I went online and saw people stacking up bodies and cones on the bed to jump back up and exit the way you enter... and I cant do it to save my life... It impossible... HELP
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It would help to mention the game, but oddly enough I'm able to recognize you're talking about Fallout 3. And if by tossed it you just mean you dropped it somewhere, then you're just going to have to remember where. It's basically a quest item, but it seems like you should be able to just use any ordinary fission battery, though it's been so long since I've played that quest. Of course it sounds like you can't even leave from where you're at, so I'm pretty sure you're just screwed if you can't find where you dumped the battery.
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But aren't quest items undroppable, like in every Bethesda game?