Safely reset (not restore) PS3?

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So every once in awhile the system will freeze but only if Im using the browser on a graphic heavy site (although Im sure there are other ways to freeze). Which I then dont return to said site.

The problem is I end up pushing the power button, itll beep a few times and go off. Then I turn it back on and get that "system didnt turn off properly" message. Last night it happened so I held down the button for 10 secs til it shut off but still got the message. Is there a way to reset the machine in a traditional way? I thought the 10 sec thing was the way.

Once yesterday I did properly turn it off through the menu but got the message again. Dont know what happened then.

Is it harmful for it to go through this multiple times? Not the process of checking the file for corruption but turning it off improperly? Like the last time where it WAS PROPERLY turned off but still acted like it this a bad sign? Thanks.

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i dont think a hard restart should harm the console , my ps3 freezed dozens if not hundret times while playing fallout 3 and new vegas and still works fine , i mean it shouldnt harm the hardware , data loss is possible though but even that didnt happen to me

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Oh alright. So then there is no traditional reset then? Like where you can restart it without it going through the file check each time and the "did not turn off properly" message.