(Rumor) Is Sony Santa Monica working on a open-world game?

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The studio that brought the PlayStation faithful the super popular God of War series is undoubtedly gearing up for something big on the PlayStation 4, and while a new entry in the blood-filled franchise centered on Greek mythology seems like a given, it appears they've got something very different in mind as well.

Job listings on Gamasutra (via CVG) indicate that the studio is looking for development talent that has experience in working with "open world" games, vehicular combat, and third/first-person shooters. That sure doesn't sound like a typical God of War experience to me.

So what do you think they're up to? Could this be a completely new franchise for the PS4? Is it about time they move past Kratos and pursue something different? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



I think it's about time SSM changed it up a bit. I've bought, played and completed all the God of War games. I think it's about time his tormented souls rests in peace finally.

SSM are very talented developers I just don't want them to waste it on one franchise and destroy Kratos' legacy.

I tried looking on CVG directly for this article, but it was no longer available.

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Very well could be. As I understand it Stig Asmussen has been heading a non-GoW project at SSM for awhile now.

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looking forward to what they can come up with
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I don't really follow SSM because I don't like the GoW series all the much, that said, they have to be an incredibly talented team since they help out on so many games. Very excited to see them do something different.
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I actually found a link.

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I hope they r working on an open world game.

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I love SM for GOW, but I really wanna see what else they can do except from H&S An open world game would be nice