Resident Evil Revelations [PS3 360 PC Wii U]

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#1 Posted by BoBoBoBoBoy (25 posts) - Perfect! now we only neeed the 1 Remake version and 0 version in a HD Collection :D
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#2 Posted by volume_three (2142 posts) -

Well, there goes the only incentive I had for purchasing a 3DS :P

Thanks for sharing, TC!

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#3 Posted by Alex_Kroket (25 posts) -
Awesome! Looking forward to this. And indeed, we need the Gamecube remake & O version in a HD collection, i don`t know what is capcom waiting for.
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#4 Posted by HK_Rider (25 posts) -

I got the 3DS version........:?

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Looking forward to this. Haven't played a decent Resi game for a while now

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Wow this trailer only showed Jill getting owned But I can't wait to get this game
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#7 Posted by Tropicalshower (10813 posts) -
Game is great, highly recommend it.