Region free dvd play on ps3?

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Howdy, I was wondering if anybody here knew anything about the possibility of region free dvd(as in movies) play on the ps3. I was hoping if a new xplorer like disc would get released which would make the ps3 region free for dvd movies like they did for the ps2 but I can't find anything on it. I'd like my ps3 to be my media hub but half the dvd's I have access to are ntsc dvd's and the other half are pal so its pretty annoying. Thanks for your time.
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All games developed specifically for the PlayStation 3 are region free, however backward compatibility modes are region locked. Blu-ray Disc and DVD region codes are also enforced.

So, you can play PS3 games region free, however PS1, PS2 Import games, Import DVD's and Blu-rays are all Region locked and will not play on (for example) US PlayStation 3.

There might be some changes in future, but you never know. ;P

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Well I already knew all of that maybe I should've made that clearer.

But thanks anyway :)

I was asking if anyone knows anything about ways of making the ps3 play dvd's from other regions or if it would be made possible in the near future.

I'm not expecting much though but it does'nt hurt to ask right ? ;)