Refurbished PS3 safe buy? 60GB

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Iam looking on ebay for a nice cheap 60gig. I really wanted a new 60gb, but they start from $600 and up. I would rather like to stick no more than higher than the $500. They have refurbushed ones that are running for less than $480 right now. And some used ones sround $420ish. Would you guys say that buying a refurb would be a good idea? Thanks guys.
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#2 Posted by WMDfreeman99 (1874 posts) -
Yeah i have meet a few peopel online that have purchased a used ps3 and they work great.
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If there refurbished by a autorizied Sony center and you can check the warranty you may find that the warranty is the same as a new system. I have found some products that are refurbished by the manufaturer has the same warranty as a new system. It's just something to check into.
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It's been a while since anyone repsonded to this post and I'm thinking about picking up a 60gb refurb because I want full BC. Anyone out there have any experience with a PS3 refurb? I appreicate your responses!

- Point of note - most PC warranties state that while the unit itself is new, it is built with parts that are new or nearly new (refurb'd parts). Haven't read through a console warranty to know if the same holds true.

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Don't know about refurbished ones, but I got a used 20gb from Ebay in December. No problems out of the ordinary works great.
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me n my 2 other friends all have refurbished 60gb that have worked perfectly so dont worry about it man
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Why not Just Buy a New 40g there only $400 and, yea........ THERE NEW!
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Why not Just Buy a New 40g there only $400 and, yea........ THERE NEW!illustrated212

No BC... duh?

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there is a place named refurbish depot that has a refurb 60gb for 449.00 but dont spend any money on the 2 yr or 4 yr extended warranty i contacted sony and they said they do not honor extended warr. on refurb products.i purchased one and its been just fine. hope this helps
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I bought my 60gig off of ebay two years ago...still going strong through massive hours of fallout 3 and Killzone 2. Ill see if i can find the seller

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I got my 60gig refurbed and it has been working like a charm. Even upgraded it to a 250 gig. Thing is a rock

*knock wood*