Red Dead Redemption PSN code?

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Where can I get a PSN code for RDR other that PSN itself? For reasons I can't discuss here I can't obtain a physical copy of the game,

and the thing cots 40 bucks on PSN, which is insane. So is it possible to actually buy the PSN code from a third party and then redeem it on PSN?

I'm new to Playstation if you couldn't tell already. LOL

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there are bunch of online retailers who sell instantly redeemable gift cards, which cost around 58 usd for 50 usd credit, (maximus is one of them i use frequently)... you only should make sure that your psn account and the gift card you're buying are from the same region (e.g.: region 1 for us psn store and account), otherwise you'll end up sorry... so create a us psn account if you don't have it, buy a gift card for the us psn store and buy the game you like... :)
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Sony just opened the PSN store online so you can go to or something like that and buy directly from them too