Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn't have too much micromanagement

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For those who are put off by it. I barely ate and fed my horse, we are both malnourished. I barely drink tonics, brush my horse, take baths, smoke. If you don't like searching houses for loot, you can use eagle eye to highlight objects. In fact it's pretty hilarious when you don't bathe because you get grilled for it in cutscenes. You don't have to talk to your gang members or do chores. Those are all optional. The satchel inventory system is easy to manage too. I myself like micromanagement in games, but if you don't, this game has very minimal micromanagement.

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In my experience there's as much micromanagement in the game as you're willing to tolerate. There're no serious penalties for ignoring anything, and whatever bonus you get from micromanaging is insignificant. It feels more like an added bonus everybody's free to ignore if they don't feel like it.