Recommend me a PSP jumping platformer.

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I love jumping platformers like super meat boy and battleblock theater so I'd love to play some psp games like them.Please give me your recommendations.Sorry for my bad english.

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Try the Prinny games. I remember them being somewhat difficult and are platformers.

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Wow, nobody else?

There are many platformers on PSP. With you being able to access PSone classics, that opens up alot more since the 90s was when Platformers really shined.

Heres a list of some good ones:

1. Spyro

2. Spyro 2: Riptos Rage (Gateway to glimmer)

3. Spyro 3: Year of the dragon

4. Crash Bandicoot

5. Crash Bandicoot 2

6. Medievil

7. Daxter

8. Ape Escape On The Loose

9. Ratchet and Clank Size Matters

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in addition to what cameroncr95 mentioned one other game i would recommend from the ps1 era would be oddworld 1 and 2.. I am not a 100% sure if its available for the psp however

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Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Mega Man: Powered Up

These three are remakes but they are all excellent games.