recommend me a ps vita game

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well basically i am not really a on the move gamer, as i prefer ps3, pc gaming,

but i am going on an overseas trip to see family for over 3 months, and I thought i'd purchase a vita to keep me company,

just not sure about the games as i haven't heard much detail,,

i like stuff like killzone, gta 5, racing games, so what are some games you would think i should try?

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@profanityVP: You could take a look here...

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MotoGp13 and WRC 3 are great racing games on the Vita. Just about to start WRC 4 which I'm sure will be great as well. Sound Shapes and Thomas Was Alone are worth a look too.

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Playstation All-Stars is a game i love on my VITA

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Persona 4 Golden lasts many many many hours, all of them great. Try Wipeout 2048 if you like racing. And Killzone if you like Killzone.