Recieving Error Reports on Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Today I fired up Rise of the Tomb Raider and have played at most 2 minutes of the game before I received this. I have tried numerous times but no change.

Nothing wrong with the console because I tested Uncharted 4 and Shadow of Mordor and they worked fine. Anyone else experiencing this or might it be something wrong with the disc or might it be a bug Crystal Dynamics need to fix

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Is it on disc? I never ran into any problems with the download version.

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hi There! What game was it? Rise of the tomb raider? Oh.. I did play.. and it made an error report same what you say say .

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Apparently it's the latest patch that is causing this issue and I've heard that going offline fixes it. But hopefully they'll patch the patch soon lol.

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I have the disc version and haven't had any problems beyond the classic outfit glitch where it didn't give me the outfit cards.

Last played it last night.