Question about Beyond Two Souls ending (full spoilers ahead)

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So I just finished Beyond and looking past a few poorly written characters and a somewhat generic lead up to the ending scene, the actual ending scene was nothing short of fantastic, at least the one I got.

As we all know there are two ways to end the game, die or live (at least in the sense of living on Earth). I chose to die (spoilers about this ending ahead) and while I really like how they ended it I have one rather large question.

Note, spoilers ahead for this ending choice:

What is the significance of the final scene at the end with the girl having visions of the world in some sort of apocalyptic state as she looks over the destruction? I believe the same vision was shown earlier in the game and it doesn't really seem to fit considering how the ending I chose played out.

So yeah, I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into this scene, as the rest of the ending is tied for my favorite ending in a game (Bioshock Infinite is the other best ending).

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I think it signifies what would happen to Jodie if she never lived, thus causing Aiden to freely wreck havoc everywhere.