purchased twice on psn accidently

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so, i accidentally bought infamous twice on uk psn. dont judge me, i woke up and in sleep mode and bought infamous, and then bought the other edition aswell. how do i proceed? will i get refunded one of the payments?

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@planbfreak4eva: You can try contacting Sony about it, but whether they will refund or not, I do not know. Worth a shot, at least.

Try contacting them by phone: 0203 538 2665, or by email: help@uk.playstation.com

You can get more information here: http://faq.en.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/842/locale=en_GB

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having bought in the past some DLS from Eruope for an European game (thus not working), I was told the transaction couldn't be canceld or refunded.

You have hope though, as it seems broken to buy the same game twice for the same account, so logic is it shouldn't have been possible at all, and Sony is at fault

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Well I ended up buying standard edition of infamous, and then the other edition with coles legacy dlc. Anyways. I called them up and they said its in the terms and agreement that if bought then cannot be refunded. Only if there was an error for example I bought a game once and was charged twice. Though thanks for the help guys

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Well I bought mine from Amazon, ages ago was dispatched yesterday and the stupid thing hasn't arrived today!!!! and i've already seen the postman I hope there may be a later delivery otherwise tomorrow seems more likely so at least you've got a copy or 2 lol surely they should refund you, there should be an option to sell it back within the first few hours or something.

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Oh, that's bad. If that happened to me, I would share my account info with my sister, so she would download the other game.

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bought Infamous twice and posted the same thread 7 times.. good job