Psvita newbie question

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I just got the new vita slim last week but I was too busy to start it so tonight I decided to start playing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time so I able to get the trophies unlocked normally but for some reason when I go in to check on my trophy list it shows the trophy but it does not reveal the date and time the trophy was unlocked. Also to mention that I did not open my psn account up on the vita since I wanted to be my trophy list on the vita different from my ps3 list so if anyone can help me out then please do ASAP.

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If you haven't connected to PSN with your Vita, it will show no timestamp on trophies. Try to access the PlayStation Store, or sync trohpies, and you'll be good to go. Unfortunately, trophies that you already have with no timestamp won't change.

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I am hoping to play just retail games from the store and not buy stuff off the psn so can I still have fun with the system collecting trophies without syncing them to a psn account or are the trophies saved on my system or will they disappear if not synced with the network?.

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You're going to have to synch them to the network eventually.

At one point you're going to need to connect your Vita to the internet for an update. You don't need to buy anything. You just need an account.

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@pashmina626: Trophies won't exactly disappear on their own, but you might risk losing them if you lose your system or are forced to reformat your memory card for whatever reason. Without connecting, your trophies will basically be stored only on your memory card. Would suck to lose them if something happened.

I highly recommend you connect to PSN at least once.Create and confirm your account, and make sure you have the latest firmware updates. Patch your games if necessary too.

If you want to keep your trophies hidden, you can hide them from your profile using a PS3 or PS4 (you will still see them but others won't). Your PSN id should be relatively private anyway though, so long as you don't add it to PSNProfiles or other such sites, but some of those will let you set your profile to private too. I know PSNProfiles does.

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@pashmina626 said:

I am hoping to play just retail games from the store and not buy stuff off the psn

PSN has some sweet sales every now and then. You might purchase stuff in the future.

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The trophies dont show the time because you havent connected your Vita to PSN, once you connect your system to PSN and go online then your trophies will show you the date and time and thats not all once you connect to PSN all Sly Cooper trophies you earned on the PS3 will automatically unlock on the Vita because the PS3 version and Vita version of Sly cooper are connected to each other so you unlock one trophy in one version and the same trophy will unlock on the other version.

if your playing offline then you can only view your trophies via offline list which usually show no time or date because you arent connected online.

you always seem so afraid of connecting online to PSN i still dont understand why but your missing out big time if all you do is buying physical games because the games are always cheaper on PSN then retail.. i bought a lot of Vita games from PSN store than retail and i have saved a lot of money by doing that besides PSN store does a lot of sales almost every week now.

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Yeah I do seem to worry a bit but that is just my nature I guess as I just like to get my info before doing stuff.

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I decided to add my psn account to my vita so I synced my trophies from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time onto my account but for strange reason they still don't list the time and date for the trophies that I already unlocked.