PSP vs PSVITA which do you prefer?

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Posted by ivo_ree (121 posts) 3 years, 8 months ago

Poll: PSP vs PSVITA which do you prefer? (52 votes)

PSP 25%
Both 15%
Non 13%

Do you prefer the next generation of handheld games, the PSVITA, or do you prefer the old school styling of the PSP?

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The Vita can play most of the PSP's good games so that's that.

Better screen, two and better analog sticks, touchscreen + touchpad, lesser loading times, remote play has been improved upon, improved social/friend options, cartridges over UMD, way more downloadable games, PS+ games, PS Now streaming (eventually).

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#2 Posted by TheFlush (5912 posts) -

Vita all the way, I love that machine!

It has a better screen, dual analog sticks, better online, downloadable psp games, PS4 remote play and a great collection of games. I love that all those niche jrpg games are coming over.

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I like the PSvita and the PSP equally. I wish that Sony would have added a second analog nub to the PSP but in all of the revisions to the PSP 1000, The PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSP 1000E aka the PSP street. and even the PSP go. Did not add another analog nub to the system. Finally the PSvita and PSvita 2000 have 2 analog sticks. But in 2014 it was too late. Sony has made an excellent Playstation handheld system. But they needed original games to support this system. PS3 ports such as Borderlands 2 as decent. But the PSvita really should have original games made for it. The PSP also suffered with the PS2 and PS3 ports.

I like both the PSP and PSvita

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#4 Posted by yokofox33 (30774 posts) -

Vita. Newer, faster, better looking games and even better games. The PSP was a great handheld, but the Vita is just a superior piece of machinery.

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#6 Posted by nicolas_aoi (25 posts) -

psp have a very good library. i like it.

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#7 Posted by kye-mc (55 posts) -

Vita is the most underrated - and undermarketed - gaming machine in history for me, it is amazing and has a diverse library of games to play on the go which all look almost like the PS3. Too bad it's hardly marketed by Sony and all they ever do is pretend its never there at gaming events. The only thing vita doesn't have is a massive system seller to get the sales churning to a wider audience. For the PSP it was Monster Hunter, 3DS has many, Vita has AAA PS3 spinoffs and Tearaway which no one who doesn't look into gaming knows about. Its so sad, mobile gaming has also had a significant impact on it though as well, lets hope minecraft can help it... there is hope... I guess...

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Vita, no contest.

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#9 Posted by gameaddict11 (25 posts) -

The vita

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that's a tricky one.. the vita probably edges it but the psp was and still is an awesome handheld! playing final fantasy on a handheld was a defining moment in hand held gaming for me..

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#11 Posted by hellotony (60 posts) -

Vita, for full experience of next gen titles; PSP (jailbroken), for a lot of retro titles and emulators. No doubt both of them!

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#12 Posted by ivo_ree (121 posts) -

I think I would also go with the VITA because I can't wait to see more ps2 games on it.

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#13 Posted by BatladyMia (26 posts) -

I bought a lot of digital PSP games, so I'll go with my backwards-compatible Vita :P Plus Lumines is amazing on Vita and I can't be without that for too long.

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#14 Posted by fighting_otaku (25 posts) -

vita all the way, though i did like the psp but the vita is just my fave

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#15 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

i bought the Vita, i liked that way more than PSP

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@batladymia said:

I bought a lot of digital PSP games, so I'll go with my backwards-compatible Vita :P Plus Lumines is amazing on Vita and I can't be without that for too long.

Vita being backward compatible shouldn't count. The fight should just come down to PSP games vs Vita games. And PSP wins this easily. PSP has it own identity while Vita doesn't have exclusives but mostly ports and indies.

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#18 Posted by RoniHot (219 posts) -

I love my PSP, but I have to say that I love the Vita more. I like the touch screen and dual analog sticks. I do still play the PSP occasionally if I can't download a PSP game to the Vita.

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Hate to say it but, handheld gaming is going away like an endangered species. Smart phones are powerful enough to run anything you don't need a handheld gaming console anymore. I had a psp back in the day never owned a vita. Nice to see handheld gaming is getting beefier but, I think it's a little too late. If the Vita came out back in 2000 then it probably would've done better. It's way too late in the game. You'll probably see no handheld consoles in about 5 to 10 years. It'll be a thing of the past.

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PSP is a very cheap product and when you crack it you like 1000 to get for free and the PSP on costs like 50-100 dollars or the ps vita is 200-250 see the see the PSP is much cheaper then the ps vita