psp VIDEO Problems HeLP PLEASE!

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So recently i got my hands on a sony psp and I love the thing.

But one thing that annoys me, it's getting video onto it.

I have managed to get three full simpsons

episodes onto it using DVD shrink to rip it and shrink the

file and VEMoDe to convert the VOB to the necessary MP4. But It seams as if three is the limit

because the others would be transfered onto it and the picture would be there

but when I click on it the screen flashes black for a second and then it says video cannot be played.

So then i decided to buy the Media Manager for psp and it converts the videos fine the picture is great

but the only thing is that after a couple seconds watching the video the sound gets out of sink with the video.

If you can help please tell how.

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Im not sure whats wrong but there can be two possibe reasons

1) Shrinking a video can cause problems(out of sync)

2) Your memory stick can be fake. You can check by going to phhoto and clicking triange on the memory stick icon. If its real it would say magicgate supported.

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Here's a guide from PSP Maniac that describes how movies on the PSP work. Not sure about your problem. If you successfully converted 3 episodes, I'd think you'd be able to convert everything.

Many of the questions on here have been dealing with not having a folder on the removable drive of the PSP. So, here's what you do.
Before formatting your memory stick, you'll want to move everything out of the removable drive and place it on your Desktop because formatting your memory stick erases EVERYTHING from the removable drive.
To format your memory stick: On your PSP, go to System Settings-Format Memory Stick. After you have formatted your memory stick, the folders you need for the PSP have been made. If the video folder (MP_ROOT) hasn't been made then that's due to you not having Firmware 2.0 or above because with 2.0 or above, the folder is created automatically.
If you don't have the video folder: Go to the removable drive of the PSP on your computer and create a folder (Right-click mouse and go to File-New-Folder). The folder goes right next to the PSP folder. Name the folder: MP_ROOT (the name being all in caps) and in the MP_ROOT folder, create a folder and name it 100MNV01. The 100MNV01 folder is where you store your .MP4 videos. To be able to use the new codec: AVC, you will need at least Firmware 2.0 and the folder should be created for you after you format your memory stick once you have Firmware 2.0 and above. If the AVC folder isn't created, create a folder in the MP_ROOT folder, named:100ANV01.
MP_ROOT-100MNV01 (.MP4)
The .MP4 video is to be named: M4Vxxxxx.MP4 where xxxxx is number (example M4V00001.MP4).
The AVC video is to be named: MAQxxxxx.MP4 where xxxxx is number (example MAQ00001.MP4).

New for 3.0+:
There is now a VIDEO folder on the root of the memory stick. This can now handle SP and AVC mp4 videos. There is also a MUSIC folder at the root.

Program to use to convert your videos to .MP4 or AVC:
PSP Video 9
3GP Converter (Yes, the website isn't in English.) Current version: 0.34
DVDs to PSP tutorial (using PSP Video 9):
DVDs to PSP tutorial (using 3GP Converter)

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#4 Posted by keet111 (25 posts) -

thanks for this i hope it works i tell you if it does