PSP Games You Didn't Know Were Awesome

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# So, the point of this list like my PSOne topic is to AVOID the mainstream BIG SHOT titles. hands down my favorite PSP titles are Monster Hunter Series and Phantasy Star Portable Series. But those games will not make this list. This list contains the best, in my opinion [which is a fact] rare gems for the Playstation Portable. Enjoy.

No exact order. Just get these games if you can.

1. Bounty Hounds - Oh god this game is roxors! it was so under rated. mixed between monster hunter and phantasy star, this action RPG allows for free roaming of the land and a Diablo style loot system. randomly generated weapons etc.

2. Patchwork Heroes - This is a neat game where you saw off parts of a flying ship and watch as it falls away. very fun. Youtube it.

3. Rush - This racing game was dominated by bigger named titles such as Midnight Club. however, this title surpasses MC by far. Ever played Rush 2049 for Dreamcast? well, this is a mix between MC and Rush 2049. Even comes equiped with an awesome stunt arena.

4. Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble - Ok, this one makes my favorite of the list. Kenka Bancho is a fighter in which you get to FREE ROAM the streets of tokyo [i think] and encounter fights with rivals. The animation and gameply reminds me of Shenmue for Dreamcast. Its the closest you wll get to Shenmue on PSP besides that one Yakuza game. Out of this whole list, try this one. trust me.

5. Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament - A PS2 port by the same name, this game reminds me of PSX's Megaman Legends series. Same animations and all. only you get to customize and drive a Mech which you enter into tournaments and battle. Amazing game. get this one after you get Kenka Bancho.

6. Sims 2 Castaway - This game is the odd man out. Sims games are popular and this is a list of less popular games. however, what makes this one unique is the PSP version is easy to play and so much more fun then its big brother consoles version. Build awesome huts, explore islands and find hidden things. super fun.

7. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade - Screw part two, this title is the first in the series and is far better than the later one. Think diablo. randomly generated loot. Go where you wanna go. amazing RPG, super under rated.

8. Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman - Im a huge fan of the Disgaea series so this onedefinitly make the list. Fun RPG/Strategy game. Same quirky Disgaea feel.

9. Phantom Brave - Speaking of the Disgaea series, you have to try this guy out too. This an Z.H.P are made by the same company and offer amazing adventures. Both games no one ever talks about unless they are fans of the series.

10. Kingdom of Paradise - Another game that brings you close to Shenmue. Great animation and great controls. Kick butt and take names as you CREATE your own sword fighting styles. a must have for any gamer.

11. Pixel Junk Monsters - Originaly on the PS3, This port is a wonderfully fun tower defense game.

12. Crystal Defenders - Speaking of wonderfull tower defense games, this one tops them all. From makers Square Enix comes this Final Fantasy TD game. Get it.

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Well for me it is Daxter.