PSP games with no games just box and book

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Quick question, I lost my psp games, but still have the box/books(yea I know, losing items should be box/book first than game). I was robbed, question is; is there a way I can still play these psp games by registering them on psn? or anything ?Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If it's PSP games, I don't think there is. I have bought a PSP God of War Limited Edition Bundle back in 2010 when it was released. It came with the Ghost of Sparta PSP game and the Chains of Olympus game code number (similar to codes that were given to you when you purchased iTunes music or PSN games online). I have left the code untouched until only recently when I decided to use it. To my horror, there is an expiration date lol!!! Apparently you need THAT code for the download of the game and Sony will not budge (have spoken to them) or give me a new code. So there you go, when you purchased an actual PSP game, it does not mean you purchased the right to download that same game under PSN. I was told to re-purchase it via PSN if I want to play that game. They added that in PSVita, this issue is resolved as all games are via download only with NO expiration.
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Thanks so much for clarifying that for me.