psp games for my bday

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#1 Posted by skaterboi15 (34 posts) -
ok today is my birthday and im wondering what games i should get for pspp i have these games NBA08, Medal of Honors 1, gta Lcs, Sims 2, Family Guy, Harvery Birdman, Starwars Battlefront 2, and thats it
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#2 Posted by mahbar (48 posts) -

emm, good list.

but i'll choose Medal of Honors because is more much fun than other but so quick finishing it.

If you want long gameplay, choose Sims 2. Never ending story and fun too. :)

anyway happy birthday skaterboi15

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#3 Posted by 360-PS3NINJA (25 posts) -

well their all okay games but i say sims2 becuz thats a good game in my opinion but its your choice also happy birthday

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#4 Posted by torontomapleafs (2019 posts) -

^ I think that list is the games he has.

If your going to get one game get FF:CC if you like RPGs. Also you might want to check out Patapon.

Happy Birthday.

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#5 Posted by skaterboi15 (34 posts) -
alrite guys thanks im going to choose patapon cuz that game looks good and final fantasy i can choose 2 more
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#6 Posted by Mau-Justice (4907 posts) -

I'm a big fan of the cheaper PSP games. The ones that have been out longer but are great

Midnight Club, GTA, MGS, Castlevania I just enjoy having portable versions of them. Puzzlers are good as well like Puzzle Quest/Lumines.

Patapons only 20$, well worth it. I'd just take FF:CC/Patapon and some cheapies that will entertain you.

Happy B-Day

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#7 Posted by ironbat25 (444 posts) -

If you like sports games get madden 08 or ncaa 07 you can find it cheap.God of war chains of olympus is good but short.Metal gear portable ops is fun and very long.

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#8 Posted by crzza (382 posts) -
Get LCS.
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#9 Posted by pokolvrolok (412 posts) -

I have three of those games. :D Which shows we probably have a similar taste...or maybe i just go though too many games.

Oh well. Here are some ideas (i don't have ALL of these): God of war:Chains of Olympus, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix, Metal gear solid Portable ops, Infected, GTA Vice city stories, Gun Showdown, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Star Wars Renegade Squadron, Star Wars Lego 2, Sims 2 Castaway. Those are some off the top of my head which either have good reviews or i've played them/got them and know they're good. :D

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#10 Posted by pokolvrolok (412 posts) -
crzza he/she said that hes/shes already got it! XD
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#11 Posted by pokolvrolok (412 posts) -
Oh wait! Do u mean they are the games you have or they are the games you are thinking of getting?
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#12 Posted by Death-X- (272 posts) -

Crises Core: Final Fantasy OR Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

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#13 Posted by ston3henge (2732 posts) -

How about "My Word Coach" or some brain games? Your spelling is terrible, and your lack of regard for even simple grammar brings us all down as a community. Stop feeding into the myths that gamers are stupid, uneducated, and violent by posting twaddle that - by comparrison - makes the concept of Ebonics palatable. And please don't hand me that garbage about English being your second or third language, ok champ? That's a tired one, and I'm not buying it.

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#14 Posted by naruto7777 (8059 posts) -
Crisis Core or FFT
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#15 Posted by Blazevoir (2038 posts) -
Crisis Core
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#16 Posted by m1k3m (1758 posts) -
You ought to get some cheapies like Midnight Club: DUB Edition, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.
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#17 Posted by danny5329 (954 posts) -
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#18 Posted by Amek34 (36 posts) -
Final fantasy crisis core, Metal gear solid protable ops plus, or patapon
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#19 Posted by mushir123 (198 posts) -

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Probably the worst game ever made. Worst Iv played atleast...

Check out some reviews. Tekken has the highest rating here.

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#20 Posted by psp_mtness (815 posts) -
Either of the syphon filter games, disgaea aod, or fft, tigerwoods08.
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#21 Posted by OOOOhhhhh (148 posts) -

Disgaea is a must buy. It's the best game I've played in a long time. Castlevania Dracula X is also very good if you like that

type of game.

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#22 Posted by OOOOhhhhh (148 posts) -
Kingdom of Paradise is also a very good action rpg although it has terrible voice acting.
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#23 Posted by Mario2007 (2520 posts) -
How is NBA 08 btw?