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PSN: NuklearRaver

Online most: Weekend, Evening (GMT-6)

Console: PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One

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GS: Bunniess95 PSN: Bunnies95


Mon-Thu = 5pm-01:00am GMT // Friday-Sunday = 1pm-03:00 GMT

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Lost brotherhood active want to gameshare

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Hello looking for cool people to play games with! below is what games I have. I play on PS4. My ID is Adrianais7

Games; Fallout 76,Ghost Recon Wild Lands,Killing Floor 2,Conan Exiles,Elder Scrolls Online,Boarderlands,Monster Hunter, The division,Vermantide

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PSN ID: Dr_Adder

For multiplayer games I play Pinball FX3, CoD WWII and Infinite Warfare.

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PS 4:RafaelGeo91

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HEY GUYS MY PSN/Playstation ID is Cheekypapito

my Inspired Champion Youtube is :

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other channel is lets finish this!

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GS: ExtremeBlue90

PSN: ExtremeBlue90

Devices: PS3/PS4

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@Allicrombie said:

PSN ID: Allicrombie,

Have a PS3 and PS4.

Usually on at night, PST.

You and Coolyfett are friends!!!!