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PSN - WeirdViper

some games currently playing - rocket league, 7 days to die, last of us remastered, payday 2, nhl 17, wwe 2k17, madden 17

feel free to add me, just let me know ur from here

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PSn: Kstunner

Games right now I'm currently playing are 2k17 fallout 4 dishonored 2 storm 4. Be sure to add me I'm always looking forward for new friends

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Time Zone: GMT (Scotland)

Curently Playing Online: Uncharted 4, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Star Wars Battlefront

Currently Playing Solo: Mafia 3, Dishonored 2, Hitman, Batman a Telltale Series

Prefer to play as a group with party chat, very much a team player and available almost every night.

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Uh.................... you seriously expect people to add a list of hundreds of players without even knowing what games they play? Lol, people will have infinitely better luck at finding friends with same game interests as they by sending friend requests to the players they play with/against. People on consoles are the laziest people I've ever met.

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Username: fghhgttrffdss

So long story short, I bought a ps3 many moons ago and EVERY SINGLE USERNAME I had was taken, so I mashed random letters in hope and it stuck. So credit to those who go to the effort to add me haha

Timezone; AUS

Games: Pretty well anything shooter based. COD, BF1, TF2, Rainbow. You name it, ill play it. Also 2k, but I have dropped off that for a while. Happy gaming!

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GS: Angelofdeath2343

PSN: Angelofdeath2342

Console: PS4

Name: Jordan From the good state if Wisconsin!

Games: Battlefield 1, Modern warfare remastered, zombies on infinite warfare, I play almost all shooter games.

Times: As of right now everyday, usually on around 3pm central time. until whenever.

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GS: Jocelyn86


Console: PS4

Name: Jocelyn from Arkansas

Games: Assassin's Creed Unity, GTA V, Street Fighter V, Watch Dogs 2, Mortal Kombat XL & X, NBA2K17, The Last of Us REMASTERED, Lego Hobbit, WWE2K17, Batman Arkhame Knight, Nascar Heat Evolution, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, UFC 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1&2.

Times: Any if i'm online

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GS: PS4 PSN ID: Ebadi_360

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PSN: JeysonPoison

Anyone send me a real name friend's request.

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PSN ID: whitchking1

Feel free to add me. Need friends

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GS Name: Jaidon

PSN ID: Jaidon24

Systems Owned: PS3, PS4

Time: US Central Time, I play at various hours but usually at night most days a week.

Games: Right now, Uncharted 4, RE7, and FFXV and PS3 games I want to catch up on.

Feel free to add me, and let me know you're from here.

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Hi Everybody,

Made a new PS account. Please add me on PSN: envious-renegade

I play all kinds of games; RPG, FPS, Sports and so on...Here is a 'not-so-short' List:


PES 2017

Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 4

Battlefield Hardline

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Rock Band 4

The Witcher 3

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2


Rocket League

Disc Jam

Trackmania Turbo


Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Dragon Age: Inquisition


Fallout 4


Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim



Mega Man Legacy edition

Mortal Kombat X

Need For Speed


No Mans sky

Project Cars


Ultra Street Fighter IV

Tearaway unfolded

Tropico 5

Active Soccer 2 DX


NBA 2K16


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Hey guys,

I'm a Gamespot Noob so adding my deets to add anyone who wants an addition to their friends list.

GS: starstruckgaming PSN: sonofgotham27


Mon-Fri 7:30-10pm GMT, Sat-Sun 7:00pm-11pm GMT


Star Struck Gaming

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GS: IcedGunt, PSN: IcedGunt


I've only recently reacquired a PS3, so I'm looking to populate my friends list a little. Mostly looking for other people who like trophy hunting etc. But I do play some games online. At the moment I'm just spamming MGSV: TPP

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PSN id: bleusky22 i have PS4 n PS3. I play whenever i am free. Kindly add me. Thank you

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PSN ID: Mimsey420

GS: Sigma87

Usually on after 6pm PST, feel free to add me!

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PSN ID: SpartanRage01 Feel free to add me. Thanks

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PSN: Valgaav219

Looking for Destiny players. Trying to do more to properly evaluate the game to see if I want to buy the sequel or not.

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PSN ID: mikecrci

I love No Mans Sky, Elder Scrolls Online, and Street Fighter (4 and 5).

I guess I'm not much of a "gamer" because those are pretty much the only games I play. But if you challenge me on any SF, you WILL get a beat down.

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PSN: jcopp72

Lanquage: English.

I dont play online much but I like to compair trophies with people who play some of the same games that I do. *Feel free to add me if you like, please put from Gamespot in the comments.

I mainly play 3rd person games here are some that I play, GTAV, Assassins Creed, Fallout 4, Mafia 3, telltale games, Uncharted, The Last of Us.

I plan on getting Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Vampyr.

I also like Nascar games and plan on getting Nascar Heat 2

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PSN ID: ChaosControlPT

Feel free to add me.

Just put your username and the name of the fórum on friend request. ;)

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PSN ID: alana9707 I'm looking to play cod infinite warfare zombies in space land on PS4 who know how to play.

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Hey Guys!

So I need more gaming buddies to jam with on BO3 or Overwatch as they are the main games I play at the moment. You must have a mic haha I like talking so please have one. :D If you wanna jam sometime comment below. Chao! x

(Ps: Prefer ladies but guys if you can convince me I'll accept you)

PSN: Dizzybabeey

Availability: Most of the time

Location: Australia

Device: PS4

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Hey Guys!

So I need more gaming buddies to jam with on BO3 or Overwatch as they are the main games I play at the moment. You must have a mic haha I like talking so please have one. :D If you wanna jam sometime comment below. Chao! x

(Ps: Prefer ladies but guys if you can convince me I'll accept you)

PSN: Dizzybabeey

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PSN - adrianais7

time: Everyday

console: ps4

games: destiny 2/Fortnite/7days to due/elder scrolls online

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PSN - Double_Decker83

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GS: Elfnendes

PSN: Elfnendes

usually plays nba live 18 or Destiny 2

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PSN ID: Pygmahia


Usually get on during the weekends. My schedule is all over the place really. Right now I'm trying to find people to play GTA 5 heists. I forgot how fun they are if you have a team with mics. Feel free to add me!

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Devices: PS3

On at different times of the day based on what's going on, but hope to have set hours after the holidays.

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PSN : bluebelledarling

I play at various times so can't add a time

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Yoo GS: DaddyFlawless PSN:XCoD_MinerX (dont fucking hate, I made it when i was 11)

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New PSN Account: Please add me me PS4 only

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PSN: Jai-Ryan

I own a PS3

Message me "Gamespot" with ur friend request and I'll accept u, please add me lol I get bored often.

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GS: kridedo

PSN: kridedo

PS4, looking for Uncharted, GTA and BF1 players.


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PSN: c4rbonivt

Please add me XD

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GS: Nanashi_Fox

PSN: volga_senpai

Online most: Weekend, Evening (GMT+2)

Console: PS4

Haven't got too many games to play online at the moment. I've only got Overwatch at the moment, but maybe a second person could get me to play it a little bit more and getting some other games as well (I'm a bit scared of online gaming, haha)

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PSN: LincyNL


I'm online most of the time during the day and late at night for now since I have summer break (European time).

I'd love to make an actual friend (nothing more) whom I can also chat with tbh. Over the age of 20 preferred

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GS: SaikoC71 PSN: SaikoC71

I'm usually active the whole day

I only have a ps3

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Nice post

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GS: LuckieCruz PSN: LuckieCruz

PS4 (Madden 19, Need For Speed)

Mon-Fri noon-7pm CST, Sat-Sun all day