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PSN: Esskiv25

If you add me Ill broadcast games I already own. Add me for Battlefront (but I dont have it yet).

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PSN ID: dinos64

Add me in case you play Killzone online or FPSs.

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PSN ID: mariokarthero97

Owner of a PS3.

Currently playing: MGSV, MGS HD Collection, DOA5LR etc.

The times I am online vary.

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PSN ID: Kerwan_Ratchet

I have a PS3 and PS4. I usually do Battlefield 4 when the mood strikes, hit me up.

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PSN ID: leroipoet


Around 10pm GMT on weekdays

Weekends in general

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PSN: Amberwaves210

Currently playing: Black Ops 3, SW Battlefront, Rocket league, Diablo ROS, I switch it up a lot!

feel free to add me. always willing to team up!

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PSN ID: BattleStreak

Own: PS4

Usually 5:00PM-12:00AM EST. Times vary though.

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PSN: LegendH4

I play on PS4, Vita and PS3(single player only).

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PSN: Linkyshink

I only really play The Last of Us MP - Factions

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PSN: Bunnies95

Only really playing Call of Duty black ops 3 atm, but feel free to give me an add (:

Devices: ps4 only really

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Psn:GlitterellaBella. ... i play at night, Eastern time but also get on randomly. I play bo3, fallout, bloodborne, helldivers, gems of war, and others. Add me for mp or just friends.

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GS: AcaelusM PSN: AcaelusM


Mon-Sun 8-12 & 4-8

GTA, Destiny,

Primarily Co-op player

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Am I the only one left with a PS3 still :(?!

PSN: Thepassionbox

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Add me: MarzX

Currently playing SFV But i enjoy playing co-op games like far cry 4, resident evil revulations 2, destiney, towerfall ( basically anything with co-op) so if anyone else is the same way then add me :)

I'll even gameshare with people that dont have the game but would like to play it for the co-op.

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Hey please add me, i play all sorts of genres and I am a semi-competitive gamer! :D (I also have a mic)


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Hey, always looking for some new friends. :)

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Psn. Pygmahia. Ps4.

I'm gonna be playing a lot of the division this week so hit me up!!

My work schedule changes a lot but this I'm on after 3pm eastern but after that it'll probably only be weekends.

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GS: ViolentXdesign PSN: VIOLENTxDESIGN36 PSN: ChristopherP36


Monday-Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm EST Friday-Sunday All day

I'm down to play whatever, just send me an invite and let me know you're from GS or else I'll think you're a creepy creeper.

Currently playing The Division, but I own BO3, Star Wars Battlefront, Dying Light, The Battlefield games and Call of Duty Games, GTA IV & V, Destiny, The Phantom Pain, and various other games. Send me a friend request.

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GS slip81 PSN Vulcan_Cross

ps3 & ps4 almost daily

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GS: egoraptr PSN: Ego_Raptr

I own a PS3 and PS4. I'm online almost everyday unless I'm having a bad day. Feel free to send me an invite or friend request.

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can't sign in my psn account NEED HELP .,,, can't sign in with my password

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I'm looking to make some new PS4 friends as I literally have nobody to play with right now and games are so much more fun when you're playing with other people. I'm looking to connect with people who will invite me to parties, even if we're not playing the same game we can still talk about games or other stuff in general. Games I have include Black Ops 3, Destiny: The Taken King, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto V, and a couple of free games such as BroForce. I'm hoping to get The Division soon as well. Please upvote this thread as it would be great to get a team of people together for various games. I'm honestly not looking to add names to my friends list for the sake of having friends, I'm looking to add people who, like me, are looking for somebody to actually play with. I'm in British timezone and my PSN is: xXCyberDevilXx

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Looking for ps4 players....

Psn criminaluk

Playing division at the moment

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My PS3 id is Akasunauchiha. Feel free to add me. got games like gta v, gta iv, ifa 13, battlefield 4, cod ghosts etc

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GS: khaleelo PSN: wutriumph, PS4 and currently running MGS V Phantom Pain

Im online all weekend and M-F 4 to 11pm

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GS:Chaspen1 PSN:Chaspen



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WestCoastDealer is my PSN ID

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Ps3,ps4 Black Ops 3 is one of the few multiplayer games I play regularly

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Feel Free to add me on PSN i'm always looking for mature older gamers my PSN is TrueAssassin86x

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Feel free to add me. I'm not really a multiplayer guy though. But I'll definitely talk to you.

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LordBee_ Feel free to add me. I'm not a big talker but I tend to open up when I get to know someone. I play numerous games and am getting DOOM

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PSN: NE FinalWords for ps3 and ps4

I have some co-op games I would enjoy playing with others.

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PSN ID: mihdum

Playing a lot of games, especially story-related ones. Gonna start The Division in a few hours.

By the way, this is my first post on GS, good to be here, cheers everyone!

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PSN is DreamsandHonor, I have a few multiplayer games like SRIV, Naruto UNS4, Onigiri and a few others. I do have a mic if you'd like to chat as well.

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My new PSN acc: SkyFlawless

My old psn got perma banned. lol

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GS: FoxterPop PSN: Chri814


Mon-Fri 3-9pm CEST, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm CEST

Here are some online games I have and I'd like to play with someone: Saints Row 3/4; Dead Rising 2; GTA5; Splinter Cell Blacklist

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PSN ID: thebiebel105 (Yes, it is based off of a Justin Bieber quote. I'm not a fan of Bieber, it was a joke with my friend.) [On PlayStation 3, I have another account I used prior to my PlayStation Plus membership, under my brother's name.] lrfinaldi18

PlayStation consoles I own: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

Times when online: Since it's summer, any day really. I usually go on from 12PM-2PM EST and 8PM-11PM EST. What consoles I use vary. Usually go on Rocket League for PS4 and work on my backlog for PS3.

You may add me on the list if you must, I am a new member to GameSpot so forgive me if I'm not present as often as you would like.

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GS: vaver16 PSN: vaver16


Varies, Mon- Thru 12pm-5pm-9pm-2am (roughly) Fri-Sun 12pm - 3am (on and off throughout those hours.

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PSN ID Coolyfett

Nintendo\MyNintendo ID Coolyfett

Coolyfett raps second in this low budget music video.

Add Coolyfett....Coolyfett is fun

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PSN: Kerwan_Ratchet. I've got Overwatch, BF4 and a bunch of others. Lemme know you're from GS. I also have a mic.

Feel free to add.

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PSN ID: white-pikmin

Times I usually play: Sometimes on the weekends, mostly between 8-11pm AEST on weeknights (note: I live in Melbourne, Australia)

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Hey! Add me up WallyWest2510 GTA V, Minecraft, FIFA 17, Destiny, Smite, BF4 and some others.

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PSN : The-xpizzax-Tree, Add me for games and stuffs :)

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#147 Posted by HinataNemo (1 posts) -


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GS: pscoolman

PSN ID: pscoolman

PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Online basically whenever

(just for kicks - Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter: TheJTCooper)

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GS: technofunky

PSN ID: technofunky

Device: PS4

Was a PS3 gamer for around 3 years, just recently upgraded to the PS4.