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My online time varies a lot, but I play almost every day. Feel free to add me if you wish!

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GS: cjward0806

PSN: SiegeCeej


I'm on pretty much every afternoon and evening, CST.

I JUST got my PS4, and I'm looking to meet and play with cool folks! Add me. :-)

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GS: Kennyp0wers PSN: Thespacedoutfro

PS3, PS4 soon

Mon-Fri 4-10pm EST, Sat-Sun 10am-11pm EST

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GS: Phantom_Airzz

PSN: Phantom_Airzz


Mon-Fri 7-11 pm CT Sat-Sun 9 am - 10 pm

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GS: Krayzie_3334

PSN: Krayzie3334m


Time varies, usually on after 3pm EST.

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PSN: jenn_maggot

Feel free to add me

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PSN: stormshot4 Anytime EST PS3 & PS4 Add me & I will Add Back

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GS: Kal-el15

PSN ID: Kal-el15

Console: PS4

Playing Battlefield 4, GTA V, or Rocket League at the moment. I have a very eclectic taste in gaming so you'll see me playing random shit.

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GS: AssassinFury PSN: Civezy

PS3, PS4, Vita

Everyday 8pm-12am CST, also various days 12pm-5pm

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PSN: Sakaki_Shizuma (Yes i'm terribly lazy when it comes to IDs, but I freaking love this name)

Systems: PS3 (Used to have a vita but it died)

Kinda weird to explain what time i'm usually on:

Right now I don't have access to the internet, but my family is moving in the next month or so so I should start being on around 12pm EST - 12am EST

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PSN: just-me-lil-e

Systems: PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

What Time I'm usually on: Various Times during the week!

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PSN Swineford, Steam EpicSwine


Nightly and Weekends and a little in between

Feel free to add me. I play a little bit of everything!

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Gamespot Id: ps3hdalltime

PSN: bleusky22

Please note spelling is "bleusky22" NOT bluesky22

I really really need friends, so please kindly add me

Thank you very much for doing so.

I have a PS3 with 80 blu ray discs...

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GS: Cairo_Pann PSN: doctorwho204

PS3, Vita

I am on usually 3-4 times a week from 5-7pm on weekdays and 1-7pm on weekends.

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I'm still here everyone, I'll be updating the thread this weekend. Finally moved and have the house wired.

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Hey guys add me am new to GS: my GS is kingkito and my psn id is kingkito168 i have desriny far cry 4 (i want to play coop) i have elder scrolls and j star

Gs: kingkito

Psn id: kingkito168

Devises:ps4 ps vita

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@Jaysonguy: add me kingkito 168 ps4 and ps vita

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@Jaysonguy: add me psn id kingkito168 i have a ps4 and ps vita a usually play from 4pm-11pm eastern mon-fry

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Psn- muff-boy

Just got a ps4 today, currently have bloodborne, the order and driveclub,

If I can get some people to play drive club I might use up my 14 day PS plus trial

So what are you waiting for....

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GS: hoard_moard

PSN: hoard_moard

Devices: PS3, PS4 and PSVita

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All updated, thanks to everyone for their patience

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@Jaysonguy said:

All updated, thanks to everyone for their patience

Thanks Jasonguy for your efforts and help

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I've got 2 PSN IDs:

PSN (UAE/PAL): salem632
PSN (USA/NTSC): salem_632

Feel free to add me on any, as long you mention something like how you found me.
I have no specific timing on when I login, and the time difference is around 12 hours you live in the US. (+4 GMT)

Current Playstation systems which I own: PS3, PSVita. I might consider PS4 soon.

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Hi, 28/M/Liverpool, UK. Casual gamer, anything from Indie to AAA. PS4, PS3.


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PSN USA: NEFinalWords

Feel free to add me. I enjoy co-op and mmo's.

I own PS3,PS4, PSVita

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duntastar88 on PS4

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All updated as of 8-31

@ps3hdalltime said:
@Jaysonguy said:

All updated, thanks to everyone for their patience

Thanks Jasonguy for your efforts and help

Thanks, I like letting everyone add as many people as they need. So many games these days allow you to play other player's teams or AI sets even when they're offline so I figure the more the merrier.

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Hello all,

GS: hikarisilver PSN: hikarisilver

PS3, PS4, Vita

Mon-Sat 8pm-10pm EST Sun 7-9pm EST

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Hi everyone.

This thread is still going, problem is that they disabled the edit function on the site (they said it was done on purpose but I feel they'll learn the error of their ways)

So if you don't see it updated for a bit that's why but I want you all to list your names like I said in the opening post because once it's fixed I'll be adding everyone.

In the meantime if everyone could just add people from the last posts? Every week I'll add all the new users in a post of mine and we'll go from there.

We'll get this fixed!

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I have a ps3

My pen thecritchlows

Pacific time

Redmond wa

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@Jaysonguy: Fix is coming. The decision to include a time restraint on edits was intentional but this should be getting changed soon. Let me know if I can be any assistance with editing posts (as I have that voodoo).

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apples-_-bananas PS4

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This is amazing! Visit - you receive free PSN Card Codes instantly! Everybody uses this now!

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PSN name is COOLYFETT, send Coolyfett a message. Tell him that you saw his name on Gamespot and he will mail you prize!!!!

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GS:austinduggan PSN:austinduggan

Time:almost all day every day

Devices Owned: PS3

i just need a couple of friends willing to play diablo 3 with me

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GS: JQuinzelle PSN: Interrupted

PS3, PS4, Vita

12-9 PM All Week. Sometimes go to school during the week

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GS: phoenix7547

PSN: phoenix7547

PS4 Only

Playing most kinds of games in random extended periods of time.

Add me for exchanging strategies and experience and having fun or even -in some cases- trophy hunt .

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PSN ID : gauravmuk

Have a PS4.

Thanks :)

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GS ID: marinevetstl/ PS GT: sgtmattstl

PS4 - I wish I could tell you the hours I am on, completely varies. I can tell you I am on CST, but you sometimes you can find me on at 8 p.m and at other times, 4:00 am in the morn. LOL!

I play mostly battlefront and street fighter

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PSN: LauriAJ

Currently got Watch Dogs, Killzone and Far Cry 4 on my PS4.

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PSN: InsomniacReaper

PS3, PS4

Elder Scrolls Online, going to get The Witcher 3 soon.

Add me if you wanna play either of those games.

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GS: Lauzoff
PSN: iLiosx

At the moment, I mostly play Battlefront, Fallout 4 and Rocket League. Feel free to add me! :)

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PSN ID: thebobster10

I'm on Monday through Thursday from 11 PM EST to 1 AM EST. And Friday through Sunday at random times but multiple hours each weekend day.

PS3 and PS4

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psn id : nits388ap

online mostly everyday.