PSN Store Update March 11, 204 Delayed

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So what happened to the PSN? Is it getting hacked again? There's hardly a word on why the PSN store update is SO late. It always updated on Tuesday. What's the holdup? It got delayed yesterday to today and according to the PlayStation Twitter feed it got partially updated. It just seems weird that'd be having a problem THIS BIG.

It's not like I planned to buy anything this week so I don't personally care. I'm just home sick and have nothing better to do.

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why do you automatically assume they got hacked? maybe they are just having issues with the update. this wouldn't be the first time a company has had issues with an update of some kind.

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Try again tomorrow. Should be fine. I've seen a few reports on this, and it doesn't sound like anything more than some kind of maintenance issue.

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It also got delayed in EU. Thus, there might be a problem. But, I don't care much.

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i was wondering about the same thing the other day... :)

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I'm sick and bored so I was just wondering.