PSN Sign in problems

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Anyone else having problems signing in to the playstation network this morning? I have been trying for the last hour. I've tried everything. There is no problem with my internet and everything else that needs the internet on my ps3 works just fine. I figure it's a problem with the PSN because I can't sign in through my computer either. I was just wondering if it was just me or the playstation network.

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PSN is currently down

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Ok, that's what I thought. Dammit...

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Yea scheduled work was 4pm-midnight, however it started early, 1pm I think, Sony via Twitter said it would take 5 hours, to have access to online gaming, you had to sign in before the work was carried out. SEN accounts and the store are not accessible either. So we just have to wait.

I was about to de-active all my consoles (because I have a YLOD 60gb) so had to to a full de-activation of all devices so I could activate 2 other ones, but just as I was about to it went down lol !