PSN Malicious Message Soft Bricking Console

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FYI, use a web browser and turn your messages to friends or no one only. Use the Sony messaging app to delete messages before going onto your console. Apparently people are sending a malicuous message that soft bricks your console(you'll have to factory reset). Its mostly happening when people are in game, salty players send a message from what im seeing online.

Until Sony makes a update, best defense is to set your messages to friends only or no one. Some threads are stating the notification of the message is doing it as well, so if you can turn off notifications that should help to.

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That's really shitty. I have no understand of how something like that even works, but I went ahead and used the Messaging App to change it so I only receive messages from friends.

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Noticed this on the news the other day, changed all my settings so should be fine now.